B r i a n   A.   M a r s h a l l


(ILCE = Interchangeable Lens Camera with E-mount)


The Switch House, named after a part of the old Bankside power station, is a new £260M 10 floor Pyramidal extension to Tate Modern which was built to exhibit more of the Tate's extensive collection of modern art and which was opened to the public last week. I didn't visit to look at the artwork but to take the lift to the 10th floor and the public viewing gallery with views over London. Unlike the public viewing area in the Shard where you have to pay, or 1 Fenchurch Street which is free but you have to book a time slot, the viewing gallery in the Switch House is FREE with no restrictions or security checks before you get in the lift. Plus point, apart from being FREE, there are no windows so no shooting through glass. Minus point, it's to the rear of the Tate and about 150m from the Thames so views are a bit restricted of the river and the city. Across the road from the Switch House is NEO and ALBION Bankside which are modern tower block's with shops around the base and apartments above. Privacy is not a strong point here as from the 10th floor of the Switch House, you can see straight into these flats. A return visit later in the year as the night draws in and the lights are turned on for for a night photo shoot inside and out.

Equipment Used: Sony Alpha A6300 Compact Systems Camera with a Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 Di-III VC.