B r i a n   A.   M a r s h a l l


(ILCE = Interchangeable Lens Camera with E-mount)


A London Night Shoot Through A New Lens - 30th November 2017

The Sigma 16mm/f1.4 DC DN/C lens for Sony-E and Micro Four Thirds mirror-less cameras was due to be released in the USA on December 1st 2017 but mine was delivered November 28th. Although it is designed for crop sensors and as I will be using it for low-light/night shoots, I tried it out first on my full frame A7RII in crop or APS-C/Super 35mm mode as it gives me access to 5-axis stabilisation and uncompressed RAW which gives me an image size of 35MB as opposed to 24MB I’d get on my crop sensor a6300.


Not sure why I picked the coldest day of the winter so far to go down to London, watching snow flurries from the train on the way down from Cambridge and a bitter wind chill coming off the Thames,  so rather than do a proper test with the lens, I set it a f1.4 to see how sharp it was wide open and adjusted the shutter speed and ISO and kept moving to keep warm. The weather forecast looked good for a nice sunset with scattered clouds but when I got to the observation deck at the top of the One New Change Shopping Centre next door to St Paul's Cathedral, the scattered clouds had clumped together and blocked out the sun. Another visit another day. I then went down to the Tower of London crossed the Thames and walked along the Southbank towards Westminster.

Equipment Used: Sony ILCE A7rII Compact System Camera - Sigma 16mm/f1.4 DC DN/C lens

A London Night Shoot Through A New Lens - 30th November 2017