B r i a n   A.   M a r s h a l l


(ILCE = Interchangeable Lens Camera with E-mount)

    Been a while since my last visit to the big city so with the weather forecast for wall to wall sunshine on the Saturday, I headed south for the day. Don’t normally do Saturday’s as London can become a bit crowded at the weekend’s but that’s usually when there are events and stuff on. Also as the nights are drawing in now, I was on the lookout for new locations for night shoot’s.


    Headed for the Houses of Parliament first for some record shots before it becomes covered in scaffolding and as from midday on Monday 21st August the bells of Big Ben fall silent until 2021 as restoration work on the Elizabeth Tower the clock face and mechanism takes place. Apparently the silencing of the bells is a Health & Safety issue to protect the hearing of the contractors working on the tower.


    A not unusual sight around London with Chinese couples having their pre-wedding photos taken around the landmarks of London. It’s apparently a Chinese custom for couples to have their wedding photos taken before the wedding ceremony so on their wedding day back in China/Hong Kong/Taiwan they can show them to their guests. As least they had blue sky and sunshine. I have seen them doing this in the wet and the bottom of those white dresses turn black with the rain and muck. I came across two other wedding groups that day.


    After Lunch, Mmm McDonalds, I headed up to Covent Garden where the seven roads to Seven Dials had been closed off for ‘Spotlight17’ a free music and entertainment festival.

Equipment Used: Sony RX1R MII