B r i a n   A.   M a r s h a l l


(ILCE = Interchangeable Lens Camera with E-mount)

Located on the 15th floor of Fen Court Office Building at 120 Fenchurch Street, ‘The Garden at 120’ opened, with no booking and free entry, to the public on the 15th February 2019. There is a small reception area in a pedestrian walkway through the building at street level linking Fenchurch Street with Fenchurch Avenue, where any bags you have are passed through an x-ray machine and you walk through a metal detector before entering a lift straight to the 15th floor. Due to it being winter, the garden part is a bit dormant at the moment and the metal pergola framework a bit bare and just waiting for the climbing plants to crawl over it. Views to the east, south and west are, on a good clear day, excellent but the view north is blocked by city skyscrapers.


Photography is difficult but not impossible. You are shooting through what looks like inch thick, 7ft high plate glass panels with a slightly green tint to them. Most of panels are canted outward, you can look straight down to the pavement below, but it does reflect the metal pergola and anything else behind you. I was using a flexible rubber lens hood to create a light seal but didn’t always work if I tried to shoot at an angle to the glass with some of the metal frame work creeping into shot, when the lens hood lifted, but nothing that couldn’t be removed in processing.

Equipment Used: Sony a6500 + Sony Zeiss Vario-Tessar T 16-70mm f/4 OSS Lens & Sony a6300 + Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D Ultra-Wide Angle Lens


'The Garden at 120', City of London - 4th March 2019

'The Garden at 120', City of London - 4th March 2019